Analytical Services


Apertus offers a wide range of analytical services spanning common wet bench chemistry testing to development and validation of novel LCMS or GCMS methods. Our experienced employees, comprehensive equipment capabilities, and efficient processes can help you achieve your research and manufacturing goals faster.

See Compendial Testing for information on full service analysis per current USP/NF, PhEur/PharmEuropa, ACS, JP/JPE, AOAC, and DAB methodologies.

See Methods Development for more information on stability testing, forced degradation studies and deformulation services.

Apertus also provides consultation and locating, refurbishing and maintaining analytical equipment.

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Current Equipment Capabilities

Agilent HPLCs
Agilent MS – Ion Trap
Varian GC-FID with headspace capability
Varian GC with Saturn MS
Karl Fisher Titrator
General Autotitrators
Bruker Advance III 400 NMR Spectrometer
X-ray Crystallography
High Resolution Gel Electrophoresis
BioRad ChemiDoc Imaging
Biosafety cabinets
Electroporation Units
Biorad Auto Cell Counter
CryoPro Autofill Liquid Nitrogen Storage
Western Blots
Biofermentation (up to 13.5L capacity)
Cell culture
High Throughput Plate Reader
Flow Cytometers