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We provide pharmaceutical manufacturing and analytical services. Our collaborative approach, coupled with direct access to our top management team and deep expertise, leads to rapid and successful outcomes.

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Compendial Testing

Apertus offers full service analysis per current USP/NF, ACS, JP/JPE, PhEur/PharmEuropa, AOAC, and DAB methodologies. Our experienced employees, comprehensive equipment capabilities, and efficient processes can help expedite the release of active pharmaceutical ingredients, excipients, and finished pharmaceutical products.

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API Manufacturing

Apertus manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for companies that make finished dosage products and/or develop novel dose delivery systems and formulations. Our focus is providing bulk controlled substance APIs, however non-controlled APIs are also within our project portfolio.

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Methods Development and Deformulation

Apertus offers a complete package of services for your analytical development needs, from early stage research to fully validated methods for release testing. We provide rapid, customizable, cost-effective results that help you research, design and market your active ingredients, excipients or finished dosage forms.

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Discovery Kilo Lab

Apertus provides synthetic services for drug discovery and preclinical development on a kilo-lab scale. We can supply intermediates, specialty chemical synthesis, process optimization and scale-up services. All services can be provided under cGMP if desired.

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